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“Adtract” is a MyProductAdvisor-based real-time automobile recommendation service for your consumer-facing web property, designed to increase advertising revenue by deeply engaging the highly desirable group of digital car shoppers!

With Adtract, you can…

  • Attract an audience highly receptive to ads
  • Build trust and stickiness with an objective, unbiased advisor
  • Receive a high number of ad impressions per shopper
  • Gather powerful data for targeting the most relevant ads

Adtract Advantages

  • Draws a valuable audience of auto shoppers, who studies show are 71% more likely to be influenced by ads

  • Guides and educates shoppers in a process that yields many opportunities (page views) to show relevant ads

  • Gathers highly valuable preference data from individual shoppers for improved ad targeting and higher CPM/CPC

Add Adtract to Your Web Property

checkBox Adtract is delivered as a web service with a user interface ready for integration into your web property. We “personalize” the service to fit your web property, so No software or hardware installation is required.

checkBoxAdtract is integrated with your web property and personalized in exactly the same way as in our “ConVrt” service.

Advertising Inventory & Integration

You choose the format, quantity, and placement of display ads on Adtract, which is compatible with standards for all the major ad servers and networks. The actual formats used depend on the specifics of the Visual Appearance personalization you choose. Typical ad sizes include (but are not limited to):


Powerful Targeting Data

At every step in the advisor process, Adtract collects detailed quantitative data on shopper preferences for a wide variety of attributes and features. If supported by your ad serving technology, Adtract is able to pass a wealth of extremely powerful targeting information to enhance the real-time relevancy of ads served – increasing your CPM/CPC from your advertisers.


Obtaining Adtract

The first step to getting Adtract on your site is to schedule a “Discovery Session” with us, where together we qualify the solution fit. Pricing is based on ad revenue sharing.

Please contact us for more information!

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