China’s Auto Shoppers to Embrace Highway Autonomous Driving Ahead of USA and Germany

Shopping Intender Preference Data Provides Insight

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, February 22, 2017 – Market Insight Corporation announced today that its “ShopprDNA” data shows that 5%-7% of new vehicle intenders in the USA, China, and Germany indicate a strong positive preference for highway autonomous driving–with the highest percentage in China (based on over 32,000 real-time qualified shoppers visiting MyProductAdvisor portals across the three countries, over the 3 months ending Feb 9, 2017).

In the US and Germany many auto shoppers have a strong negative preference for higher speed autonomous driving.  In the US, three times as many shoppers have a negative rather than a positive preference (18% vs 6%), while in Germany over five times as many have such preferences (27% vs 5%).  Younger shoppers in these countries are slightly more willing to prefer highway autonomous driving.  “The US and Germany enjoy a long tradition of safe, independent driving which supports a substantial ‘negative preference’ for higher speed autonomous driving among shopping intenders,” said Rich Falcone, President & CEO at Market Insight Corporation.

In contrast, intenders in China have “moderating” feelings about highway autonomous driving.  About equal numbers of Chinese intenders have positive versus negative preferences (7% vs 8%), and this result is consistent across age groups.  Many in China are new to driving and live in a traffic environment that is more congested and accident-prone.  “The data suggests that China’s consumers, and perhaps consumers across primary emerging auto markets, may be earlier to embrace higher levels of autonomous driving than those in established auto markets,” said Falcone.


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