China’s Tsinghua & Peking Universities

Endorsement for Consumer Market Insight & Recommendation Company

Hong Kong – Market Insight Asia Ltd. today announced that representatives of China’s most prestigious academic institutions affirm their support and endorse the methodology of its award winning company, recognized as a consumer market intelligence and recommendation engine technology innovator.


“Consumers in China have embraced (MPA) as a shopping advisory tool, sensitive to local country internet behavior and industry sectors” says Dr. Yang Bin, Deputy Director, Institute for Internet Behavior, Tsinghua University. “Great care has been taken to ensure cultural integrity, so MPA’s continuous sample of real-time intenders can confidently be considered as representative of the consumer marketplace. Chinese consumers, across all demographics, trust the internet more than ever, as reflected in the growth of its usage for recommendations and commerce. MPA is part of that forward momentum; understanding and influencing consumer preferences.”


“MPA provides an innovative and powerful technology platform, that leverages sophisticated consumer market modeling and the reach of the internet. MPA’s ability to collect large samples of shopper preferences in real-time translates well to the rapidly developing China market. The conclusions and insights drawn from the model have significant relevance and unique perspective for consumer sentiment in China,” says Dr. Meng Su, Market Research Professor, Peking University.

About Market Insight Corporation (MyProductAdvisor)
MyProductAdvisor (MPA) is a consumer facing website (US, China, Germany) that continuously gathers shopper preferences for specific attributes and features. MPA delivers unbiased buying recommendations to shoppers. Sellers of consumer products use this recommendation engine within their web-based consumer experience. The shopper preferences MPA collects fuel a powerful, on-demand consumer research decision engine utilized by enterprises that design and market “high consideration” consumer products across primary global markets. Market Insight Corporation, established in 2003, is the company behind MPA. Market Insight Asia Ltd. is a wholly owned Hong Kong subsidiary of Market Insight Corp.