Consumer Demand for Wi-Fi Enabled Digital Cameras Increasing

Fujifilm, Samsung lead brands with increased interest

Palo Alto, California, USA — Market Insight Corporation today announced that consumer demand for Wi-Fi capabilities in digital cameras continues to increase, particularly in certain brands. In a sample of over 59,000 digital camera shoppers visiting, 7.9% of digital camera shoppers rated Wi-Fi as very desirable in the first quarter of 2012, compared to 7.4%, 6.4%, 5.9%, and 5.5% during the previous four quarters.

Shoppers who expressed a strong preference for the Fujifilm brand showed the largest increase in Wi-Fi interest, with 17.1% indicating it to be very desirable in the first quarter of 2012—a 25% jump from the previous quarter and fully double the percentage who rated it very desirable during the same quarter of the previous year. Those who expressed a strong preference for the Samsung brand also showed high interest in Wi-Fi with 17.5% rating it very desirable in the first quarter of 2012, compared to 12.8% during the same quarter in 2011. Shoppers who preferred other brands showed lower Wi-Fi desirability ratings and more modest increases over the time period.

As built-in cameras on mobile devices popularize wireless instant photo sharing, consumer expectations for similar capabilities on their dedicated digital cameras continue to increase.

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