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About MyProductAdvisor

“MyProductAdvisor” (MPA) is a patented real-time recommender system for high-consideration products. It deeply engages real-time digital shoppers, in the process fueling powerful data services and analytics solutions.

  • first

    Shoppers are attracted to MPA to get free, unbiased recommendations


  • second

    Shoppers interact with MPA across a wide range of product attributes and features


  • third

    MPA uses intender preferences to build highly relevant recommendations “from the ground up”

Our Core Consumer-Facing Portals
Designed for Data-Driven Decision Intelligence

We maintain core consumer-facing MyProductAdvisor portals in primary geographic markets,
designed to attract large, representative samples of new automobile intenders

  • United

    ~50,000 qualified annual sample


    ~50,000 qualified annual sample


Our Intender Preference Database

To ensure the data sample is ideally suited for powerful
decision analytics, we carefully control…

  • …how shoppers reach the portals
  • …how the data is collected and structured
  • …how intender sample is qualified

Digital Shoppers Visiting Our Portals…

Are active real-time shoppers, with no knowledge that their preferences are being “surveyed”
Are motivated to provide genuine responses to receive the best recommendations
Are continuously sampled in real-time
Rate their preferences for over 120 carefully chosen attribute & feature based questions
Participate deeply, averaging more than 25 minutes and over 75 questions answered
Form a large, validated, representative sample of the entire market of consumers
Are drawn through controlled, refined search engine marketing and must pass rigorous qualification
Are individually geo-located with precise latitude & longitude
We collect an unprecedented breadth and depth of continuous, structured preference data from Real Digital Shopping Intenders—powering a compelling family of solutions!