Predicts Growing Future Demand for TV “Built-in-Networking”

Records Rapid Increase in Consumer Preference for Networking capability

Palo Alto, California, USA” — today reported that shopper preferences for TV “Built-in Networking” have risen by 50% over the past six months. This trend represents a significant shift, after consumer preference for this capability held steady at a relatively low level for the prior eight months.

“Our Consumer facing web site acts as a real-time portal into the minds of consumers”, said Rich Falcone, President of’. “Shifts in consumer sentiment are captured as they happen, as part of a process that measures active, in-market shoppers, on a 24 x 7 basis.”

“Built-in Networking” is defined as containing either Ethernet or built-in Wi-Fi that allows connection of the TV to a app德扑圈官方网址home network for streaming media from a PC or storage device. While demand is increasing, this capability still lags convenience features such as universal remote control, but trends suggest a shift in demand in coming months. won the prestigious 2008 EXPLOR award recognizing “the most innovative use of technology in applications that advance market research.”

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