Launches in Germany

Real-time shoppers now power auto market intelligence across three continents

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA — Market Insight Corporation announced that its web-based auto recommendation service is now available to shoppers in Germany. The advisor allows shoppers to rate their strength of preference for up to 109 automotive attributes and features in order to receive a personalized recommendation for specific auto models.

The German auto advisor complements Market Insight’s existing advisors serving the United States and China markets. All three advisors are now continuously measuring the relative value and importance of the attributes that shoppers care about—all in real-time and within the natural context of shopping. Enterprises can now compare and contrast the resulting intelligence and insights across three primary, world auto regions.

“As auto manufacturers continue to optimize their platforms and strategies across geographic markets, the interplay between local and global is at the heart of many decisions,” said Rich Falcone, President and CEO of Market Insight. “Vehicle attributes provide a common language across geographies and time, while the values shoppers place on those attributes in particular markets provide local insights. Both perspectives are necessary for an effective global strategy.”

About Market Insight Corporation (MyProductAdvisor)
MyProductAdvisor (MPA) is a consumer facing website that continuously gathers auto shopper preferences for specific product features and attributes. MPA delivers unbiased buying recommendations to shoppers. The preferences MPA collects fuel a powerful, on-demand consumer research intelligence system and predictive market simulation engine. Enterprise companies utilize this intelligence to enhance decision making and planning. Market Insight Corporation, established in 2003, is the company behind MPA.