MyProductAdvisor enhances Recommendation Engine

Attribute Profile for Auto Shoppers yields expanded choices and comparison

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA — Market Insight Corporation today announced that its auto consumer facing web portal, ‘MyProductAdvisor’, now generates 10 personalized vehicle recommendations, and the ability for 5 side-by-side vehicle comparisons.

The enhancement boosts MyProductAdvisor’s recommendation value to auto shoppers, and responds to consumer market feedback expressing a desire for more choices. The recommendations are closely tied to shoppers’ expressed preferences, and now offer a broader selection of vehicles.

“Shoppers average more than 20 ‘real-time’ minutes and over 60 page views on MyProductAdvisor, in search of unbiased, ranked vehicle recommendations,” said Rich Falcone, President & CEO at Market Insight Corporation. “This level of real-time consumer participation is unprecedented, and delivers a penetrating profile of each shopper’s most relevant preferences.”

About Market Insight Corporation (MyProductAdvisor)
Market Insight Corporation generates recommendation and decision engines through its consumer-facing portal, MyProductAdvisor (MPA), and patented technology platform, the Market Insight System (MIS).
The Decision Engine is utilized by Companies that design and market “high consideration” consumer products across primary global markets. They rely on MIS, and its “on-demand” characteristics, throughout most stages of product lifecycle (concept & design through marketing and acceptance).
The Recommendation Engine is utilized by Companies who sell those products, driving market penetration and revenue growth; while enhancing their shoppers’ buying decisions.
MPA enjoys unprecedented success in its ability to attract and maintain the participating mindshare of genuine, shopping consumers. Our natural evolution continues to embrace multi-national reach, real-time engagement, and interactive mobility.