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MyProductAdvisor on Your Site

About MyProductAdvisor

“MyProductAdvisor” (MPA) is a patented real-time recommender system for high-consideration products. When added to your web property, it deeply engages your real-time digital shoppers and guides them towards a purchase decision!

  • MPA attracts Digital Shoppers looking for the right product to buy

  • Personalized for YOUR site, MPA deeply engages shoppers across a range of product attributes and features

  • MPA provides product recommendations tailored to your shoppers’ preferences


MyProductAdvisor  elicits YOUR shoppers’ valuable preference data on the attributes and
features that matter most to them!

MyProductAdvisor Recommender System

The technology behind MyProductAdvisor was developed over years by industry experts and decorated technologists.

Sophisticated data-driven statistical algorithms balance the shopper’s preferences with historical data and the available landscape of products, to build the most appropriate set of rank-ordered personalized recommendations “from the ground up.

MyProductAdvisor is NOT a product search “filter” tool.
Unlike such tools, MyProductAdvisor
  • Guides and educates the shopper towards a purchase decision, without prematurely eliminating choices

  • Can consider a much broader scope of attributes and features in its recommendations (over 120 available)

  • Always delivers appropriate recommendations no matter how many questions are answered – shoppers are never left with a frustrating empty search result

  • Learns over time, using correlations between related shoppers to continually improve the recommendations

MyProductAdvisor on YOUR Site…

Prepares shoppers to become buyers, enhancing lead generation and “conversion”
Is a natural fit with community, social, and lifestyle applications for increased “stickiness”
Deeply engages shoppers and collects valuable data on important decision factors
Provides an unbiased, objective way to build trust and enhance loyalty
Attracts a highly desirable user base of undecided shoppers more receptive to ads
The powerful combination of your shoppers’ preference data with the MyProductAdvisor recommender system technology is realized in solutions that generate and enhance revenue from your web properties!