New Car Recommendations for Turbo-Diesels growing across Global Markets

MyProductAdvisor reflects enhanced consumer interest across multiple Brands

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA — Market Insight Corporation announced today that auto consumers are receiving “turbo-diesel” (TD) recommendations across more brands and country markets than ever before. MyProductAdvisor, a leading, unbiased auto recommendation engine, is delivering those choices to consumers in major markets across North America, Asia and Europe.

In the U.S., 3% of all vehicle “trims” are turbo-diesel. Volkswagen’s Jetta, Passat and Golf, and Mercedes M-Class generally dominate unbiased recommendations targeted to satisfy the preferences of consumers who consider this fuel type. But MyProductAdvisor’s top recommended TD model from April through June of this year was the Chevrolet Cruze. In Germany, VW and Audi lead all unbiased recommendations, where nearly half of car model trims are diesel. But Toyota’s Auris, RAV4 and Avensis wagon have been strongly represented in 2013; as has Ford’s Focus wagon and Škoda’s Fabia and Octavia.

“The significance of recommendations from MyProductAdvisor (MPA) is rooted in the depth of participation by shoppers who visit the site,” said Rich Falcone, President and CEO of Market Insight. “The more we know about a shopper’s preferences for attributes and features, the better targeted a recommendation can be.” In China, where nearly 5% of all vehicle trims are diesel, Great Wall dominates MPA’s turbo-diesel recommendation results with their H5, H6, and H3 models. Other brands receiving noticeable recommendations include JAC, Hawtai, Kia and Land Rover.

Later this year, Market Insight will release a penetrating “syndicated” study that focuses on Turbo-Diesel and detailed comparative trends across select global markets. “The ability to compare specific tendencies and their impact, in real-time, across world markets is particularly suited to the global design strategy being employed by major auto manufacturers,” said Falcone.

About Market Insight Corporation (MyProductAdvisor)
MyProductAdvisor (MPA) is a consumer facing website (US, China, Germany) that continuously gathers auto shopper preferences for specific attributes and features. MPA delivers unbiased buying recommendations to shoppers. Auto sellers and aggregators use this recommendation engine within their web-based consumer experience. The shopper preferences MPA collects fuel a powerful, on-demand consumer research decision engine utilized by enterprises that design and market “high consideration” consumer products across primary global markets. Market Insight Corporation, established in 2003, is the company behind MPA.