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ShopprDNA – Real-Time Intender Data


Attribute & Feature Based Data

ShopprDNA contains preference data on over 120 carefully selected vehicle attributes & features, demographics, and geolocation at the individual intender level.

Data Assurance

Focus on Data Analytics

MyProductAdvisor is unlike traditional auto websites whose purpose is to sell cars, generate leads, and sell advertising. These sites commonly use basic simple filters while asking only a few “e-commerce” oriented questions. Research and data analytics are merely byproducts. MyProductAdvisor’s primary purpose is to develop powerful intender data to support sophisticated data services and analytics solutions. Every aspect of the data development process has been carefully considered with this purpose in mind.

Overview of Data Development Process

On MPA, shoppers are asked to rate their “strength of preference” for a series of relevant attributes and features. In return, shoppers receive high-quality, unbiased recommendations tailored to their preferences. An ongoing four stage process serves to continually assure the representativeness and quality of the intender data.


Self-Recruiting Sample Approach

MyProductAdvisor visitors are self-recruiting, motivated only to get the best recommendation for themselves. MPA shoppers do not know they are being surveyed, and are not paid respondents. As such, they are inherently more genuine in their responses.

Sophisticated search engine marketing (SEM) techniques honed over years of active management are used to attract a representative sample of the full market of retail new auto shoppers to MyProductAdvisor. Hundreds of evolving campaigns developed with leading search engines along with carefully targeted display advertising on over 1000 diverse websites draw many granular groups of desired shoppers to MPA. The exact mix of sources is fluid and is constantly adjusted and refined. Search ads, content, bids, landing pages, mobile device targeting, demographic criteria, and display publishers are adjusted every day to ensure the integrity of the sample.

MPA typically attracts over 10,000 unique visitors monthly in the US and over 25,000 unique visitors monthly in China. Many are eliminated under stringent qualification criteria, and the resultant large intender sample mitigates statistical errors and allows for a high degree of granularity in segmentation analysis.

Refined User Experience for Data Development

MyProductAdvisor’s responsive user interface and guidance are continually refined to encourage shoppers to genuinely rate many attributes and features important to them. Questions are ordered and presented to maximize intender participation, and are continuously reviewed for relevance. Shoppers on MPA spend over 25 minutes and answer over 75 questions on average—an unprecedented level of participation for real-time digital shopping interactions.

Body Type & Size Engine Type Autonomous Driving

Sample Qualification

In order to ensure that intender sample meets the highest standards of quality, a significant portion of MyProductAdvisor visitors are eliminated from ShopprDNA and its overlay analytics applications. Stringent criteria are used to “qualify” sample in order for it to be included. A few examples of visitors that are removed from the sample:

  • Shoppers with demographics not consistent with serious intenders
  • Shoppers outside of the geographic market
  • Frequent repeat visitors
  • Sessions with patterns or signatures indicating robot-generated or automated answers
  • Visitors with short session lengths, limited page views, and other low participation indicators
Sample Assessment

To ensure its demographic representativeness, MPA qualified sample is constantly validated against other consumer data sources such as census data, syndicated buyer studies, online panels, and shopper intercept studies. MPA sample demographics consistently correlate well with the common patterns evident in these diverse data sources. As appropriate, the insights resulting from these comparisons are used to make adjustments to refine and optimize the effectiveness of the sampling process.



Generated consistently over time for all country markets, ShopprDNA data is in a structured and “regularized” schema for the highest level of compatibility and ease of use with analytics tools and software. examples (not exhaustive):

  • Data analysis oriented languages python and R
  • Data visualization Data Visualization
  • Statistical analyses Statistical Packages
  • Data warehouses & data services Databases

Obtaining ShopprDNA

ShopprDNA is continuously fielded 24/7 to a large representative sample of the full market of intenders covering a broad spectrum of attribute/feature preferences (up to 370 distinct data elements per qualified intender sample). Data is available immediately without waiting for a “fielding” phase, for any time period from January 2013 to present, for the US and/or China markets.

ShopprDNA’s broad scope and consistent development over time allow many possibilities for sample selection, and segmentation. Pricing is on a deliver-to-order basis, considering factors such as attributes/features, sample size, demographics or other selection criteria.

ShopprDNA data is delivered via download from our secured cloud server.

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