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Smart – Real-time Shopper Analytics

We personalize the content of SMART Dashboards for you, so there is a very wide breadth of possibilities for visualizing data on over 120 ShopprDNA attributes and features.

Obtaining SMART

How We Deliver SMART

We build Dashboards personalized for your needs, using data visualization software from our technology partner—Tableau. We deliver fully packaged Tableau workbooks containing all the ShopprDNA data you need, allowing you to explore the data interactively at the click of a mouse.


Data Coverage & Availability

SMART is available for the USA and China consumer markets. Any attributes and features covered in ShopprDNA are available for inclusion into SMART dashboards.


Pricing is on a deliver-to-order basis and depends on the specific data delivered, and the number and character of personalized dashboards we build for you. Contact us to arrange for a “discovery session” where we together determine the scope of work.

Please contact us for more information!

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