University of Michigan Students utilize MyProductAdvisor in
Integrated Vehicle Systems Design Coursework

Consumer-Facing Tool Affords a Window to Shopper Sensitivities

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA — Market Insight Corporation announced today that it has supported University of Michigan engineering design coursework with its consumer-facing portal, MyProductAdvisor. The coursework covers first layout for a new vehicle platform, focused on major space-defining subsystems, following systems engineering requirements. Students represented U.S., Asian and European origin.

“University of Michigan students in Auto 501 gained valuable understanding of advanced automotive research techniques utilizing Market Insight’s ‘My Product Advisor’,” said Harvey Bell, Professor of Engineering Practice at UMich. “Students were able to gain an understanding of the complete set of sensitivities in development of a new automotive design. They were truly able to experience customer driven influence.”

A “next phase” of coursework support will involve UMich students exercising the sophisticated data analytics solutions that are fueled by the shopper data collected on MyProductAdvisor. “The real-time, genuine intender data we generate is at the core of our solution set,” said Rich Falcone, President & CEO of Market Insight Corporation. “Our data analytics and predictive simulation solutions will enable the students to apply ‘intelligence’ to their design initiatives.”

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The Intender Preference Data fuels a Family of Solutions designed to guide the shoppers’ decision journey, and develop powerful data analytics and predictive modeling.

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