US Auto Shopper Interest in Turbo Diesels Growing

Almost 30% of Auto Shoppers with a Preference for Diesel also Prefer Turbochargers

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA — US auto shoppers with positive preference for Diesel indicate strong preference for turbochargers, according to Market Insight Corporation. Based on a sample of almost 13,000 active, in market auto shoppers in Q1 2013, almost 30% of these “Diesel Preferrers” also had a positive preference for turbochargers, up from 22% in Q1 2012.

In contrast, only 17% of shoppers with positive preference for the standard gasoline fuel type also demonstrated positive preference for turbochargers. Diesel Preferrers also show greater preference for higher levels of fuel economy and for fuel saving features like Start-Stop System.

“The ability to capture real-time consumer preferences across markets in North America, Asia and Europe lends powerful comparative value to our insights,” said Rich Falcone, President & CEO at Market Insight. “Attributes tend to migrate across regions, and relevant knowledge of those dynamics is critical to effective decision making.”

About Market Insight Corporation (MyProductAdvisor)
MyProductAdvisor (MPA) is a consumer facing website that continuously gathers auto shopper preferences for specific product features and attributes. MPA delivers unbiased buying recommendations to shoppers. The preferences MPA collects fuel a powerful, on-demand consumer research intelligence system and predictive market simulation engine. Enterprise companies utilize this intelligence to enhance decision making and planning. Market Insight Corporation, established in 2003, is the company behind MPA.